Thrombectomy of Dialysis Access

Thrombectomy offered by the Serrano Kidney and Vascular Access Center (KVAC) of California is the surgical removal of a blood clot from a vein or an artery. For most instances medication is given to break down the blood clot and thin the blood. Thrombectomy is used more rarely when immediate removal of a blood clot is needed.

In a thrombectomy, the clot is usually accessed via a dialysis access catheter, and removal may be followed by placement of a stent or filter. Medication might be used to prevent further clotting at the area. There are some people who may require thrombectomy due to other issues. Those who are unable to take blood thinners long term may need a thrombectomy. In emergency situations when people have deep vein thrombosis that threatens the health of a limb or a clot in the pulmonary arteries, surgical removal can be preferred.